Custom Character Sheet Changelog

Version 19

  • Moved Personality Traits, Ideals, Bonds and Flaws boxes to the front page to encourage role-playing.
  • Other very minor changes.
  • Printer only version now has lines to write on. Thanks for the suggestion

Version 18

This is kind of a big update. So here goes:

  • Streamlined design across the whole sheet. Now every element kinda looks like it belongs to the same character sheet. Everything is just… less. Removed unnecessary lines etc.
  • Removed a bit of white space from the bottom of the sheet. This allowed for 2 extra lines in the equipment box on the 2nd page, as well as a bigger (not one-line) text box for “Other Weapons” on the 1st page.
  • Added “Attacks per attack action” area in the “Attacks & Weapons” box. This is a text field because some players might want to also add possible bonus actions etc. as well.
  • Expertise checkbox moved to the left. Now if you check it, it ill appear on top of the Skill Box line which is more aesthetically pleasing in my opinion.
  • Other minor design changes.

Version 17

Another version with very much needed improvements comes out!

  • Minor design changes to make the look of the character sheet more consistent
  • Empty box to the left of Death Saves box is now and exhaustion level box
  • Added spellcasting info at the area of the same name. Boxes include spell save DC, Spell Attack Mod, Cantrips Known and a selection box that can be either Spells Known or Spells Prepared to accommodate all the spellcasting classes.
  • Removed initiative auto-calculation. I cannot remember why but I think it was important.

Version 15 and 16

Been a while since I posted an update so this is a two version release.

  • Fixed Passive Perception auto calculation (It didn’t take into account proficiency in Perception)
  • Added Jack of All Trades and Remarkable Athlete auto calculation options (below Skills box there are now two non-printable boxes that you can add the extra bonus and all affected fields take this into account)
  • Added Initiative auto calculation (which also takes into account Jack of All Trades and Remarkable Athlete)
  • All fillable fields are now in bold (better for printing)
  • Character info box changed and was streamlined a bit
  • Other minor design changes

Version 14

  • Added Push, Drag and Lift weight area (auto-calculated)
  • Added size drop-down selector that changes carrying capacity according to the rules in the PHB.
  • Changed bullet points to fit entire circle (for readability on print)
  • Changed Skill Expertise indicator from diamond to star.

Version 13

  • Minor design change in equipment area. Added max weight/current weight under equipment list (made more sense I think).
    Also, new design allowed for 2 additional slots for equipment. (Idea stolen from MPMB)
  • Coins area now has bigger boxes (because weight area moved to back, allowing more space)

Version 12

  • Equipment is now only on the back to save space for spellcasting area in the front
  • Dedicated spellcasting area (for DCs, spell slots, Ki points etc)
  • New hit dice box
  • New empty box next to death saves box (to be used for whatever. I use it for exhaustion points and other small notes)
  • Minor design changes (stolen from MPMB sheet)
  • Re-designed armor, weapons and other proficiencies box (stolen from MPMB sheet)
  • Something else I might be forgetting

Version 11

  • Minor bug fixes.
  • Added skill expertise check-boxes with auto calculation.

Version 10

So this version took a while but I made some of what I think are the best changes to the sheet so far. Here are the changes:

  • Added fillable boxes in the two equipment areas, including quantity of the item and weight (which in turn auto calculates the carrying weight)
  • Had to make the Notes section smaller to accommodate the bigger Additional Equipment section.
  • Fixed bug with the Constitution Save modifier calculating incorrectly.
  • Changed colors and text size of the coin areas. The previous text made it hard to find and read. Still not sure about the colors. Might just change them to black in the next version.

Version 9

  • Improvements to the hit dice section.
  • Improvements to the weight boxes appearance.
  • Improvements to the currency boxes appearance.
  • Changed “Stealth Dis.” Box to fit more with the rest of the sheet.
  • Removed gray backgrounds from weapon and ammunition boxes.

Version 8

  • The initial version posted on this site.

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