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Running the Game

Tips, tricks and what I’ve learned about running the game.

Creating and Preparing an Adventure for D&D

When I started DMing, I faced a roadblock when I decided I wanted to run my own stuff. I had all these ideas for awesome adventures but no streamlined method to write them and run them. Honestly, I was thinking about it too much. If you’ve read my other article on running your first session, then you may realize that the method I outlined there doesn’t change much as you progress in your DMing career.

So here’s the method I’m using now.

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Running your first D&D Session Part 2

If you haven’t read the first part of this article, you should. At least if you want this to make sense. In essence I explained why you shouldn’t run Lost Mine of Phandelver as your first time DMing. Instead you should run something that can be completed in one session, doesn’t include an overarching plot, and has expendable “test” characters for your players. In this article I will try to expand on this idea and give more details on running your first D&D session.

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Running your first D&D Session Part 1

So you want to run D&D. You call up your friends or coworkers, and tell them “Hey, I found this great new game that I want to introduce you to!”. This may or may not be how that conversation goes but the fact of the matter remains. If you’re reading this, then you probably want to start running D&D.

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