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Some of the articles I write do not fit to any category. So this is a category with general articles about the nature of this blog and DMing for the 5th edition of Dungeons & Dragons.

Using a published adventure

Running published adventures is a preferred method of running D&D for many people. It seem easier than creating your own adventures, all the information is right there on the page and you feel like you have a handle on things. The dungeons have been carefully crafted, the encounters carefully balanced and the adventure has most likely been play-tested for you.

But, like me, you may feel like you’re not scratching that creative itch while running one of these adventures. You may feel like you’re cheating or like you’re not a “true DM” if you don’t create your own stuff. I don’t agree with these sentiments, but I do have a way to effectively nullify these thoughts.

This article isn’t about how to run these adventures, but about how to use them.

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The purpose of this blog

I can’t say I’m an experienced DM, mainly because I am not. I’ve only run a couple of games and only just started my own campaign. So why create a blog?

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